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Painting ceilings can be challenging at any time, Especially when it comes to Vermiculite Ceiling. Sydney Premier Painting & Maintenance is Specialised in painting Vermiculite ceiling.
Our promise is to increasing both the value and appearance of your premises.

The Process:

We Repair cracks, water damages areas before painting if necessary.
The whole surface area needs to be dry and free from dust and cobwebs.
Clean/ dust gently with soft broom or duster being careful not to dislodge any Vermiculite.
Mask up walls, windows, doorways for protection. We use double dropsheets on your carpet, timber flooring or tiles to ensure that they are free of paint drops at all times during the painting process.
We apply four coats of Vermiculite Recoat (further coats if necessary) to give your vermiculite ceilings a bright, white finish.


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